Content Creation Contest $200 Giveaway

2 min readAug 23, 2022


Content Creation Contest

We are excited to invite all RealLink community members who love creating content to join the campaign and share a $200 reward
The content form/format is not limited. It can be videos, shorts, images, advertorials, PR articles, anything. And the creations can be published on various medias — YouTube, TikTok, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Reddit, Medium, Website and so on.
Time: 18th Aug — 2nd Sep, 2022

Reward pool: $200 for 5 qualitative videos with the highest Points

Top 1 : $100 worth of $REAL

Top 2 : $40 worth of $REAL

Top 3 -5: $20 worth of $REAL

How to count the points: for each content, you will gain a point based on the number of comments, like and views:

· One comment equal to 3 point

· One like equal to 1 point

· 100 view equal to 1 point

Rules and conditions:

· Participants create the content about Reallink Project, including the topics related to RealLink Project review, sharing BuzzCast Social-to-Earn experiences, mining $Real on Buzzcast etc,…

· The video duration is less than 30 minutes.

· Participants have to share their videos, articles, image on any social channel including but not limited to YouTube, TikTok, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, VK, Reddit, Medium, Website etc,… with Hashtag #Real #RealLink #Green mining #Social to earn

· The more content you submit the better, you are not limited to one post.

· Participants have to complete all the following tasks so that the video is considered valid

- Follow Reallink on Twitter:

- Join the RealLink Telegram community:

- Retweet the tweet about RealLink Content Creation on Twitter:

- The video should not contain sensitive content relative to politics, other organizations, or other projects.

- Do not use third-party software to run interactions.

Anyone claiming someone else’s content or being dishonest in any way will be disqualified. Any irrelevant links will be disqualified immediately.
After everything is done. Fill out this form

Here is design material that may help
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